Asus, as one of the world’s leading computer and phone hardware and electronics companies, wanted to change the way people engage with businesses online. They sought to make an emotional connection with their clients by designing experiences that would engage and nurture them at every point of the buying process. Simply said, this was a clear vision: to be renowned for providing the finest client experiences available.

Asus has to properly handle a number of variables in order to achieve this lofty aim. To begin, they need a leadership team with the vision and management structure to address the problem. Second, they required an ecommerce platform that was flexible and strong enough to meet their specific company needs and grow into the future. Finally, they need a digital transformation implementation partner with the requisite abilities and expertise.

Therefore, Mygento started with migrating the store from Opencart to Magento 2,

and then integrated it with ASUS global eComm infrastructure, ERP, CRM systems, distributors’ payment gateways, GTM etc. which allowed receiving advanced data analytics in the future.

The strategy was a blueprint for success in a fast-changing industry, with the objective of providing customers with a connected, simplified experience across all channels. More updates:

Asus has quickly established itself as one of the global leaders in e- commerce. The new application, which is based on significant research into how customers interact with Asus products, takes the brand’s online presence beyond traditional retail models and provides a cleaner, more directed digital commerce experience. Asus has created an experience engine that provides consumers with extraordinary value at every encounter, setting the standard for digital innovation in both B2C and B2B.



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