The outsourcing market for technical support will in the nearest future reach, it is believed, a compound annual growth rate of almost eight percent. As it’s a cost-friendly and fitting solution for improving efficiency, plenty of businesses are taking their tech support outsource.

At present, it is vital for companies, both large and small, to allow for state-of-the-art business continuity management and make sure all-encompassing recovery plans are in place for if disaster strikes. Having a knowledgeable outsourcing team managing issues and problems faultlessly is particularly relevant within times of systems change or when you require your teams to work remotely continuously.

Let’s take a look at the three different levels of support available, what they involve, and how you can be certain you’re choosing the right level for your company’s situation.

— Resolving basic customer problems and requests at the service desk that low-level tech specialists are needed to be involved with, is what level 1 support offers. Personnel at this level are trained to help with common issues and frequently occurring user requests that follow prewritten scripts and situations. When there’s no possible solution, the support specialist will elevate the issue to Level 2.

— Getting you up and running again promptly while avoiding any changes to the source code, this support level is used after a failure. The second level covers a range of things including; applications, integration, your databases, environmental components and infrastructure for the virtual cloud. In-depth knowledge of the service or product is a requisite at this level, though at this level the support experts are not always the engineers who created the product.

— When the issue is too complicated to be dealt with by Level 2 support, it gets passed upwards to Level 3, for fundamental help with the most significant problems, covering the changing of code to amend software. Level 3 support workers are experts not just in solving these advanced troubles, but also in bringing in improvements to the program code. Fixing bugs and checking system compliance is also provided here, and it covers performance and security issues, as well as enabling integration interface updates.

Outsourcing your technical support function to a trusted outsourcing team allows your staff in-house to remain concentrated on the core business, while IT infrastructure can be left in the outsourced vendor’s hands. Let’s run through the benefits of outsourcing technical support.

  • Business functions are continually maintained. In companies of all sizes, business continuity is a vital priority in today’s ever-changing business environment. Outsourcing lets you introduce a layer of knowledge that may be lacking in-house. Incorporating expert support specialists who are able to bring in high-level business continuity management and all-encompassing disaster recovery plans will allow you to regularly maintain functions of business or, following disaster, resume operations fast.
  • Lower IT costs and lower TCO of your systems. Engaging a team of experts in this area is part of outsourcing your technical support. They have functioning processes in operation and have been coached to deal with problems quickly and without fuss. Based on obtained experience from similar tasks, these experts, when providing a plethora of customers with support, evolve best practices, which can be reproduced to resolve technical issues with services and products effectively. The company’s applications, infrastructure and everything related are covered by optimized costs and timing. When efficient support is in place, you’re able to level up the IT infrastructure and the application landscape of the enterprise, which lets you lower costs relating to IT and cut your IT systems’ TCO.
  • Sustained security and compliance. As well as managing the IT side of things, an outsourcing partner with enough expertise can assist you with maintaining security and compliance using comprehensive audits, monitoring tools driven by data and complete security control. A devoted team can keep close tabs on your systems to prevent incidents or resolve them before the user is even aware. They can be available 24/7 year-round for critical problems. Take a look at our offshore vs nearshore outsourcing blog post if you’re thinking about different possibilities regarding team location.
  • Help with your business admin. Expert IT support specialists can have many wings to their bows; IT technical support, maintenance, and even efficiently manage your business processes. You can pass system administration tasks onto a trustworthy vendor, taking control of user administration, day/month/year closure, product configuration and more.

While there are plenty of benefits, make sure you’re aware of certain pitfalls when outsourcing your technical support. Top of this list is the failure to establish efficient internal control. We recommend ensuring there is one person within the company whose role it is to be the owner of the product or service. This individual will take control of support vendor management as well as being responsible for development of the product, becoming the one point of contact for the offshore partner. An in-house product owner allows you to sustain control over quality of service. The owner can also guarantee that core information remains within your company, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Making sure you’re partnering with the right vendor is imperative. At Mygento, we guarantee perpetual service quality control, continuing coordination and reporting of service delivery, and complete adherence to the SLAs of projects. Clients we work with are world-leading enterprises and SMBs.

We can give you the very top experts in each field as our team is armed with complete knowledge over a multitude of technological specialisms and is powered with analytical skills and comprehension of the business environment. 11 years of experience with companies of various backgrounds enables us to bypass cultural barriers and communicate with perfect efficiency.

Outsourcing IT support with us can help the continuity of your business and resolve incidents quicker, all with lower expenditure on system maintenance. To learn more about all this, get in touch with us today.



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