- Let’s start over. Introduce yourself, tell just a couple of words about yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, and anything you would like to start with.

- Let the curtain of your past fall — what did you do before you came to IT?

- What kind of education do you have?

- How did you come to programming?

- And how does it turn out like this — here you are — a Greco-Roman wrestler, and now you are already a programmer? Where is the common thread?

- Where did you study? Courses, specialized education, YouTube videos, some chats in Telegram?

- So, your first experience in programming was that very site for your parents’ business? How do you rate this experience now?

- We are getting to the most interesting part. How did you end up in Mygento?

- In what grade did you come to Mygento?

- What grade are you now?

- Come on, you were introduced to me as Team Leader!

- So this is awesome! How long have you been working for Mygento?

- Why are you staying here? What do you like here and what makes you stay here?

- Tell me, do you recall your first days here? How were you treated, how did you adapt?

- Did you have a mentor?

- Tell me, please, what advantages do you see in office work? And what do you prefer — an office or a remote location?

- And again I agree with you. What were your first projects here at Mygento?

- Describe your typical work day. Here you come to work — what are you doing? What is your day?

- Tell me, why are we on Magento? What is the difference between Magento and all other CMS? What’s the outlook?

- What are Magento’s prospects?

- What does motivate you?

- Tell me, like a full stack developer — who is a full stack developer?

- Are the certificates important for your work?

- Changing the topic, let’s discuss the myths and stereotypes around programmers. I dug up something here, let’s try to debunk or confirm. Here is the first one: a programmer job is for people with a very high IQ score, and not everyone is capable of such a job. Myth or not?

- I also read such a thing: that Front End is more for the scholars. And Back End is more for logicians, mathematicians. Do you agree with this?

- I have one last question for you, and I’ll let you go. Please tell me, if now you had a chance for 10 minutes to return to the past, to the very beginning of your career — what advice would you give yourself? Maybe you’d corrected something, and what would you avoid?

- Stas, thank you very much, it was unreal cool with you, you are awesome!




Magento — Magento experience agency / www.mygento.com

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Magento — Magento experience agency / www.mygento.com

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