Understanding the value of digital technologies, personalization, and agility in the face of disruption

Once again, Adobe highlighted new developments in the digital sphere with the release of its annual Digital Trends study. The outcomes are used to assess current events and consider the future. We’ll pay close attention to the trends and conclusions that are especially pertinent to the retail sector in this piece.

The results of this year’s research show that it is more crucial than ever to adapt to changing client requirements and to personalize at scale. In addition, the research addresses the industry’s volatility, demonstrates how retailers are coping with upheaval, and highlights the benefits of agile IT and your underlying technological investments.

Over the next two years, 53% of retailers predict that demand for their businesses’ digital experiences will increase.

Retail Becomes Much More Intimate

Retail has used personalization for a very long time. Nevertheless, it continues to be one of the year’s most used marketing phrases. Although not a novel idea, merchants must now bridge the customization gap that exists between what customers want and what they can really give. Customer loyalty is also under jeopardy and up for grabs at the same time. Moving forward, keep the following in mind:

Disruptions Are Now Commonplace

Retailers always have to deal with ambiguity and uncontrollable problems. The way your company handles the unexpected, though, is what matters the most.

Integrating Platforms and Combining Data Will Pay Off Handsomely

The technology you have at your disposal will influence your capacity to respond to changes in the environment and seize opportunities as they arise. Make sure IT decision-makers participate in strategy discussions and are aware of the nuances of the retail industry.

Create Your Own Success Plan

Success is elusive, especially in the retail industry. “Keeping up” is insufficient. Retailers need to keep an eye out for the latest innovations and trends. That does not entail following every trend. Instead, you should be willing to change and open to new habits.

You must consider the fact that customers do not think in terms of distinct channels or phases, such as mobile vs in-store, while designing the digital experience. Because of how everything is connected, it is more crucial than ever to personalize the client experience. Instead of trying to tailor your operations to match the demands of each individual client, you should take a holistic approach to customer consideration. Keep in mind that your staff members are a vital asset, and you may leverage automation and mobile technology to assist their work. In order to improve insight gathering and expedite workflows and provide the best possible customer experience in the nearest future and beyond, adopt intelligent technologies, including AI and ML.



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